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Apple to buy ESPN next

Auteur: Manuel Sperandio-Lemay
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Apple to buy ESPN next
There are several ways to watch sports.

There’s always the traditional way, like radio and television. And even there, the number of different sports channels is incredible, and there are always a few radio stations that describe the sport, like BPM Sports on 91.9 FM and Cogeco on 98.5 FM for the Montreal area.

But in 2023, social media will play an increasingly important role in sports broadcasting.

Various monthly or annual subscriptions are available to sports fans on the Internet to listen to their favorite sports.

Technology giant Apple took many by surprise when it bought the broadcasting rights to MLS (Major League Soccer) last year.

While many didn’t seem to agree with the purchase, we can see that the first season under Apple’s watch has gone rather well.

Lionel Messi’s arrival in MLS made Apple look like geniuses, as ratings simply exploded.

Already, the number of subscriptions to the MLS season pass with Apple has doubled since Messi’s arrival in North America.

What’s more, the number of Spanish listeners has increased by 50% since his arrival.

Now Apple can’t get enough of this new acquisition, and the American multinational is looking to become a force in sports broadcasting.

Apple’s next target?


Yes, you read that right. ESPN is Apple’s next target for increasing its broadcasting power.

It’s not nothing, but as journalist James Andrew Miller said:

“Apple has enough change in the couch cushions to fundamentally alter the vision of media rights.” – James Andrew Miller

The approximate value of a bid for ESPN is estimated at $50 billion. By buying the rights to ESPN, Apple would become very dangerous in the broadcasting business.

According to WebBush Securities analyst Dan Ives, it would be a no-brainer for Apple to acquire ESPN.

He also believes there’s a very good chance it could happen in the next few years.

“Cupertino is looking to go after live sports content as a golden goose. I think it’s more a question of when – not if – ESPN and Apple come together” – Dan Ives

If the acquisition goes through, Apple would get the rights to NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, UFC, PGA Tour, Tennis Grand Slams, Formula 1, “Big Twelve” college soccer games, Southeastern Conference games, plus ESPN’s first two SuperBowls after the 2026 and 2030 seasons.

That’s a lot of stock.

ESPN is currently 80% owned by The Walt Disney Co. and the other 20% by Hearst.

Apple would be ESPN’s seventh owner since its arrival 44 years ago.

James Andrew Miller was keen to point out, however, that Apple would not have to acquire ESPN in its entirety to become a ” game-changer “.

The fact that Apple owns over two billion electronic devices worldwide, coupled with 105 million unique monthly visitors and 25 million ESPN+ subscribers, makes for an excellent mix.

On the other hand, Apple is very picky when it comes to acquisitions.

Apple’s biggest deal dates back to 2014, when the company bought Beats for the modest sum of three billion dollars.

The $50 million to acquire ESPN is a big step, but if there’s one company to climb that step, it’s Apple.

We’ll have to be patient on this one, as it’s not the kind of deal that closes with a single phone call.

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