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Tyler Toffoli and Jonathan Quick reunited

It’s always good to catch up with old friends.

We reminisce about fond memories we’ve had together and talk about the latest gossip.

What’s even nicer is to catch up with an old friend and celebrate his or her recent successes.

Tyler Toffoli was able to celebrate with his former Los Angeles Kings teammate, Jonathan Quick.

Quick won the Stanley Cup with the Vegas Golden Knights, and although he didn’t keep goal during the playoffs, the veteran was able to celebrate with friends and family.

Cat Toffoli (@catbtoffoli), Tyler Toffoli’s wife, posted photos of the event on social media, including one of her husband and Quick.

The two friends seemed to have enjoyed meeting again.

The two players played a total of eight seasons together with the California outfit.

For those wondering, Jonathan Quick’s name will indeed be inscribed on the Stanley Cup, even if he didn’t keep goal in the playoffs.

The fact that he was dressed as a substitute during Laurent Brossoit’s playoff injury isn’t enough to etch his name on the Cup for a third time, but it’s one of the prerequisites.

The other condition is that he must have suited up for half his team’s games (in his case, half the games since he was traded in March).

Jonathan Quick won his third career Stanley Cup (2012, 2014, 2023).

Tyler Toffoli was part of the 2014 edition of the Los Angeles Kings, but did not win in 2012, as he was still playing at junior level at the time.

Despite already more than three years without being teammates, Toffoli and Quick have remained good friends, as can be seen in the above publication, and it’s beautiful to see.

The Quick family was right to invite the Toffolis to their third Stanley Cup party .

We can only hope that the Quicks will be invited too, should Toffoli win another Stanley Cup in his career.

Only time will tell.

In gusto

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