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Right-handed defenders: the CH values them highly (perhaps even too highly)
When looking at and analyzing any defender, the side on which that defender handles the puck and shoots is, after all, of great importance.

Indeed, left-handed and right-handed defenders generally represent two different categories.

This is especially the case for defensemen, since in attack, less importance is attached to the side used.

So, when a team is looking for a defender, they look for a left- or right-handed defender, depending on which side they’re looking to strengthen.

It’s rare for a team to want to go after any defender without worrying about that defender’s side.

However, can the importance given to a certain side among defensemen sometimes be exaggerated?

I look at the Montreal Canadiens, for example, and it really feels like a great deal of value/importance has been placed on right-handed defensemen since Kent Hughes took the helm.

As Marc Dumont notes in one of his recent articles for MontrealHockeyNow, the CH will have to be careful that this doesn’t become a problematic obsession.

Indeed, as Marc Dumont notes, Kent Hughes has repeatedly mentioned the importance of right-handed defensemen.

This little obsession with right-handed defensemen began when the CH acquired Justin Barron.

Kent Hughes explained at a press conference that he had just acquired a player in an important position that the team sorely needed.

The GM had indeed repeatedly mentioned the importance of right-handed defensemen, given that this was a weakness in the team’s organization chart.

And now, with the selection of David Reinbacher in the recent draft, it’s even clearer just how valuable right-handed defensemen are to the CH.

Maybe even a little too much.

This selection, as everyone knows, was widely criticized considering that the CH did not select the talented Russian, Matvei Michkov.

It frustrated many fans to see the team prioritize one position over pure potential.

And that’s where the CH really needs to pay attention.

For now, the rebuild is going well and Kent Hughes is managing things well.

But he’ll have to be careful not to prioritize the fact that a defenseman is right-handed over a player’s simple overall potential.

Even in the team’s recent transaction, it was a right-handed defenseman who was acquired in Gustav Lindstrom.

What I mean by this is that the CH shouldn’t take a lesser player with less potential just because he’s right-handed and there’s a need within the organization.

That would clearly become a problem.

For now, however, there’s no need to panic, but we have to hope that the huge emphasis on right-handed defensemen is now calmed with the addition of talent to the position.

Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher and Justin Barron are all right-handed, and they’re likely to form the CH’s right-side defensive brigade for years to come.

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