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Price of a beer: about $10 less than at the Bell Centre at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta
As everyone knows, the prices at the Bell Centre are completely exorbitant when it comes to food and beverages of any kind.

The prices are very/too high, and it gets worse every year.

But even if everyone agrees that everything is too expensive, fans come to the Bell Centre to watch the games, and they usually buy at least one drink and something to eat.

It’s a shame to see it cost so much to go and support your favorite team there, especially considering that the tickets aren’t cheap already.

To give you an example, for the CH’s first game of the season against the Chicago Blackhawks, the cheapest ticket costs $289, and it’s in section 400, the highest section of the amphitheatre.

It’s not just at the Bell Centre that you’ll find exorbitant prices.

Prices are very high in many different stadiums/amphitheaters in North America.

However, there is one place in particular where prices are more than affordable.

I’m talking about Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

In fact, if you’re going to Atlanta to see the Falcons (NFL) or Atlanta United FC (MLS), you don’t need to bring too much money for food and drink – on the contrary.

Here’s what you can get at the stadium for the modest sum of $20.

Yes, you’re seeing a bag of popcorn, chicken tenders with fries, a hot dog, nachos, a pretzel, what appears to be a small slice of pizza and a soft drink.

I repeat, $20.

The article also explains that a beer costs $5 and a simple hot dog costs $2.

These are more than reasonable prices, and they make amphitheaters like the Bell Centre look really bad.

To give you an idea, a beer at the Centre Bell costs just under $15, and can go even higher, depending on the type of beer.

As for a simple hot dog, it costs $4.78 at the Centre Bell.

Compared to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it’s about $10 more for a beer, so triple the price, and for a hot dog it’s $2.78 more, so a little more than double the price.

It’s amazing how similar products can be sold at such different prices in two different places.

I also bring up the price of $289, which represents the cheapest seat at the Bell Centre for the first game of the season.

This price doesn’t include food and beverages, of course.

Well, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a game-day outing costs an average of $135.67 per person.

That includes food and drink.

In short, it’s a shame to see how cheap it is to see the Montreal Canadiens compared to other teams in the North American sports world.

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