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Matvei Michkov could be the next Nail Yakupov according to Grant McCagg
Has the dust really settled among Montreal Canadiens fans regarding the non-selection of Matvei Michkov in the recent draft?

Some would say yes, and that they’ve finally learned to like David Reinbacher’s choice.

But honestly, I simply believe that the dust has been swept under the rug, and that the rug will be lifted when Michkov actually joins the Flyers in the NHL and performs.

To this day, most CH fans wish they’d heard Carey Price say Matvei ……. rather than David …..

And those who have changed their minds are simply trying to convince themselves that everything’s going to be okay, when deep down they know that the CH could bitterly regret their choice.

However, according to some negative analyses (which are rather rare when it comes to his talent), Michkov may not become a superstar.

In fact, according to former CH scout and now analyst Grant McCagg, Matvei Michkov could be the next Nail Yakupov, a monumental flop.

Of course, that’s not what you hear about Mishkov every day – on the contrary.

The Russian is seen by many as a future NHL superstar right up there with the likes of Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard.

But, as we all know, Grant McCagg likes to get wet, and he’s not afraid to do so.

He proved it once again a few days ago when he told Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast that, in his eyes, Michkov might not become an NHL MVP.

“I think he could be the next Yakupov. He doesn’t impress me. He’s not particularly fast. He’s not big. He’s not physical. He’s going to have a hard time making it in the NHL, especially in the playoffs.” – Grant McCagg

These are big words from McCagg that clearly go against popular opinion.

But when you think back to Yakupov, it’s true that it’s a scenario that shouldn’t be ruled out in Michkov’s case.

At the time of his draft, Yakupov was seen as the NHL’s next superstar, but in the end, he never managed to establish himself as an elite player in the league, and ended up playing in the KHL.

In his best season, Yakupov had 33 points, including 14 goals, in 81 games, although his rookie season was technically better, with 31 points in just 48 games, which showed promise for the future.

Anyway, to get back to Michkov, his impressive performances in the few preparatory games in the KHL mean nothing to McCagg.

According to McCagg, it’s in the NHL that things could get ugly for the Russian.

According to McCagg, teams didn’t pass over Michkov just because he was questionable.

Teams haven’t passed over him just because of his character. Many see him doing 100+ points in the NHL, but there’s no guarantee he’ll even reach 80. I don’t see that happening.

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