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The recruiter behind Arber Xhekaj’s hiring no longer works for CH

Throughout the years in the National Hockey League, a team’s accomplishments and achievements are generally all credited to the excellent work of the general manager.

Whether it’s good transactions, good signings or even good draft picks, much of the credit goes to the general manager, who is obviously the poster boy for a team’s front office.

However, a team’s success does not depend solely on the decisions and knowledge of the GM – quite the contrary.

In fact, especially when it comes to draft selections, a whole host of other people – scouts and analysts – play a very important role in the decisions.

So giving credit only to the GM or criticizing only the GM after a draft selection or signing/transaction is not necessarily valid.

This means that most of the time, people are in the shadow of the GM when it comes to the organization’s successes.

In fact, one of these shadowy individuals has left the CH organization.

The Tricolore’s Ontario scout, Matt Turek, no longer works for the CH.

To give you an idea, Turek played a very important, if not primary, role in the signing of defenseman Arber Xhekaj.

At the time, in 2021, Turek was still a scout in Ontario for the CH. He analyzed Xhekaj during the season, and when Xhekaj wasn’t drafted, he played a role in Xhekaj’s invitation to the CH training camp.

The rest is history.

Xhekaj went from unknown player (and misunderstood signing) with a goofy name to Montreal crowd favorite.

The CH’s No. 72 quickly made a name for himself not only in Montreal, but throughout the NHL thanks to his rugged play and fighting skills.

Most importantly, Xhekaj also knows how to play field hockey, and is likely to be an important (depth) cog for the CH in the coming years.

So a big thank you to Matt Turek (and not just Marc Bergevin) for unearthing this hidden talent who would surely have been drafted had it not been for COVID.

Turek had to leave the organization because of a conflict of interest caused by his appointment as interim general manager of the Hamilton Bulldogs in the OHL last October.

NHL rules prevented him from retaining his duties as a scout.

Turek was replaced by Joey Tenute.

Tenute followed the OHL this season.

Let’s see if he can help the CH find the next Arber Xhekaj.

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