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Competition: you could win a bottle of water autographed by Juraj Slafkovsky
In his first year in the NHL, Juraj Slafkovsky, a former first overall pick, collected 10 points in 39 games. Injuries hurt him badly (in both directions).

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 season, he’s destined for good things nonetheless. In fact, thinks he’ll score around 46 points, which really isn’t too bad. Especially considering that top-6 positions aren’t necessarily within his grasp.

He’s already a popular guy in Montreal, but back home, he’s a real hero. At just 19, he’s already making numerous public appearances for local companies. Most recently, he was the poster boy for a mineral water company called Budis.

Lo and behold, his partnership with this company continues. On its Instagram account, Budis has launched a contest. The winner, who will be announced on September 8, could win nothing less than… a bottle of water autographed by the CH forward.

Well, we’ll have to come back for the price value…

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A publication shared by Budis (@budis_sk)

After drinking the water, are people really going to keep the empty bottle in their room? I like Slafkovsky, but let’s just say this contest is far-fetched a bit.

In any case, I seem to be alone in my camp since, in the comments to the publication, several fans have shown their desire to win one of these famous bottles of water. To each his own, right?

But speaking of Slafkovsky, he’s currently in Montreal and in the company of Kaiden Guhle and the Xhekaj brothers, among others, he’s at the Lasso festival. And he can’t wait for the season to start (like everyone else in the metropolis).

For those who want to meet the Tricolore’s youngsters, the festival is the place to go.

And for those who want to win the bottle of water signed by Slaf himself, it’s in the comments of the above publication.

In Brief

– Rare Friday-night NHL transaction.

– The Kings are in mourning.

– Nice game.

– The offense is down.

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