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Cale Makar speaks highly of Jonathan Drouin
Right now, Cale Makar is probably the best defenseman in the world.

The Colorado Avalanche star has been completely dominant at the blue line since his arrival in the world’s best field hockey league, the National Hockey League.

Only 24 years old, Makar already boasts a Norris Trophy (awarded to the season’s best defenseman), as well as a Stanley Cup.

He won both trophies in the 2021-2022 season.

Makar has already established himself as one of the NHL’s most generational defensemen.

It’s not for nothing that the Avalanche’s number 8 has been unveiled as a cover player for the next NHL game, NHL 24.

It’s entirely deserved, and for real, it makes for a beautiful cover.

In short, Makar is already an outstanding player of his generation, and he’ll certainly be looking to lead his team to even greater success next season.

Speaking of which, Cale Makar was super excited about the acquisition of Jonathan Drouin over the summer.

Drouin has signed a one-year, $825,000 deal with the Colorado Avalanche.

In an interview with NHL 24, Makar said he was very excited about Jonathan Drouin’s arrival in Colorado.

“Drouin is a player with undeniable offensive talent, and I believe he can also do well defensively, so I’m definitely excited about his arrival.” – Cale Makar

For the Avalanche defenseman, Drouin is a very nice addition given the Quebecer’s offensive talent.

As we all know, Drouin clearly has a lot of talent, and that’s never been the problem.

The problem has always been the Quebecer’s lack of work ethic, and his inconsistency during his up-and-down career with the Montreal Canadiens.

Let’s just say that Montreal fans were clearly expecting more than 53 points in 81 games as a single-season best.

Unfortunately, Drouin was more of a disappointment in Montreal than anything else, but we’re hoping things will be different for him in Colorado.

What’s certain is that being reunited with Nathan MacKinnon could be very beneficial for him.

Makar said he couldn’t wait to see the Quebecer in action, considering his compatriot Nathan MacKinnon’s reaction to the announcement of Drouin’s signing in Colorado.

“I don’t know him personally, but I know Nathan was super excited when he found out [Drouin] was signing with us. I think that says a lot.” – Cale Makar

The chemistry between MacKinnon and Drouin in junior with the Halifax Mooseheads was incredible, so maybe the magic will work again between the two.

“His connection with Nathan [MacKinnon] is special. They were so electrifying together in junior. We all hope they find their chemistry again.” – Cale Makar


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