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Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller return to the NHL

Let’s just say I didn’t expect to see these guys back in the NHL anytime soon. Maybe they’ve hung up their skates…

But now Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller are back in NHL business. Frank Seravalli tweeted in the last hour that both men have been signed to the San Jose Sharks organization.

Miller will act as goaltender scout and will also be responsible for the development of the goaltenders. Vanek, for his part, becomes a scout and his mission is to find new talent in Minnesota:

Both Vanek and Miller played with Sharks GM Mike Grier in Buffalo in the 2000s.

The relationship was already there and the adaptation will be easy for the two newcomers. Especially since they were among the NHL’s elite at some point in their respective careers. The guys know the game and are perfect for their roles.

The two main players join the Sharks at a time when they are rebuilding. That’s where the scouts’ job is important, because they’ll be looking to find the guy who will be the new face of the franchise.

It’s not going to be easy, though. The next few years are likely to be rather difficult in San Jose, and we’ll have to be patient if we don’t want to lose hope.

That’s easier said than done, we agree… But hey. It takes what it takes.

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