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Start the season with three goalkeepers to protect against injuries?
At his press briefing a few days ago, Kent Hughes admitted that the goalkeeping market was rather quiet at the moment.

If we go 1 + 1, we can understand why Casey DeSmith is (still) with the Montreal organization.

If the GM had had the opportunity to send him elsewhere, it would already have been done. Because beyond the player, there’s also the human side that comes with it. Casey DeSmith is 32 years old and, at his age, it would be ideal to be able to settle down somewhere. And let’s not forget that his wife is expecting a child… And that, at the moment, the family is in the dark about its future.

But Kent Hughes also made it clear that there’s a real chance the CH will start the season with three goalies. But the current situation could force the Habs to make this decision.

Jake Allen agreed to answer a few questions from Marc Antoine Godin (Radio-Canada) about all this, and I like the way he thinks. With the speed of the game today and the risk of injury, it sounds like Allen isn’t necessarily against the idea of going with three goalies next year:

Injuries are more and more frequent because young people are playing field hockey more and more often. The body accumulates mileage at a younger age. I think we’re going to see three or four goalies very regularly throughout the year. – Jake Allen

Jake Allen isn’t stupid.

Of course he’d like to have the opportunity to play as much as possible, and of course he won’t say openly that the goaltending situation in Montreal pisses him off.

But the goalie is aware of the impact injuries can have on a regular season, and he’s well placed to speak out. After all, Allen has had his share of injuries since he started playing in Montreal, and if there’s anyone who understands the situation, it’s him.

In fact, we know that the Canadiens have not been spared from injuries in the last two seasons. In 2022-2023, only Nick Suzuki and Jonathan Kovacevic reached the 70-game plateau… which is pretty incredible.

But starting the season with three goalies also has an impact on the team’s line-up. Because, at the end of the day, there are only 23 spots available in an NHL club’s line-up… And the Habs will have to decide whether to “waste” a spot on a goalie who won’t play – or who may not play much at all.

There are plenty of things to keep an eye on at the Habs’ next training camp, which kicks off in a few weeks’ time.

The battle among the youngsters for the positions that will be available up front…

The battle between Arber Xhekaj, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, Johnathan Kovacevic and Gustav Lindström for available positions on the blue line…

And in front of the net, it will be interesting to see how the guys perform. All bets are off for Cayden Primeau…

But it could get exciting for Samuel Montembeault, Casey DeSmith and Jake Allen.

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