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Sheldon Souray loved playing with Andrei Markov and Alex Kovalev on the power play
Sheldon Souray is one of the best power-play defensemen of all time. He proved it in 2006-07, when he broke the record for most power-play goals by a defenseman in a single season. He scored 19.

The secret to his success? Andrei Markov and Alex Kovalev.

At least, that’s what he told John Scott on Dropping the Gloves.

“Anyone can score goals on the power play with Andrei Markov and Alex Kovalev giving you lifted passes.” – Sheldon Souray

Sure, Souray got a lot of help from those two players during the 2006-07 season, but he’s surpassed them in every way this season!

Markov handed out 27 man-advantage assists during the campaign, while Kovalev did so 14 times. Souray tops them both with 29 power-play assists.

I’m not saying Souray is wrong in thinking he owes some of his exploits to his two teammates, but I do think he had a greater impact this season.

The Canadiens finished this campaign ranked first in the NHL on the power play. And it was the same the following season.

In 2006-07, Souray scored a total of 64 points. This is the 9th best season in terms of points for a defenseman in Canadiens history. What a feat!

Sheldon Souray also talked about Alex Kovalev’s power and how he dominated everything, even training. The Russian possessed a real talent with the puck and didn’t hesitate to demonstrate it during training sessions. Souray explained that Kovalev was one of the most difficult players to face, even in practice.

According to Souray, Kovalev’s secret was really his power, which made it very difficult to take the puck away from him.

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