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It’s getting to be time to play the prediction game for next season.

I must admit that it’s a little difficult to create any kind of expectations when talking about the Montreal Canadiens, because we’re still in the unknown at the moment. We don’t know what the trios and duos will look like… And we don’t even know which goalies will start the season with the big club.

But the NHL has decided to lend itself to the exercise by predicting the point totals of four players in particular.

Juraj Slafkovsky, Nick Suzuki, Mike Matheson and Cole Caufield. The guys weren’t selected because they’re good-looking and thin: it’s just that they were among the top 250 Fantasy pool picks for the 2023-2024 campaign.

Anyway. I’ll stop talking and show you what it looks like:

  • Juraj Slafkovsky – 46 points
  • Cole Caufield – 69 points (and 40-goal plateau)
  • Mike Matheson – 39 points
  • Nick Suzuki – 70 points

All right, then. Where to start?

70 points for Nick Suzuki is respectable. I don’t think anyone will be upset if he finishes next season with such a haul, and in my eyes, he’s more than capable of reaching the plateau for the first time in his career if his wingers stay healthy.

The captain scored 66 points last season, spending half the year alone on his trio because of injuries.

Suzuki’s production will be linked to that of Caufield. The latter was on track to score 46 goals in 2022-2023… And it’s hard to believe that scenario won’t happen again for a long time.

I see Suzuki shining alongside his (boyfriend) this season. And if the two young players approach the 70-point plateau and Caufield scores more than 40 goals, it will be a success.

The case of Mike Matheson is interesting. He was so good last year (34 points in 48 games) that the fans fell in love with him… And Matheson will have the same role next year.

He’ll have his place on the power play, and we know how much the defenseman loves to attack on the ice. 39 points, over the space of a full season, I think that’s a bit low…

But then again, it’s hard to imagine anything because we only saw 48 games from Matheson in 22-23. If last year’s production is anything to go by, though…

You’d expect him to have a full season.

And now, last but not least… Juraj Slafkovsky.

Frankly, I don’t think the CH team’s idea is to see him rack up a ton of points next season. Martin St-Louis was starting to trust him more before he was injured after the holiday season, and I imagine the plan will be to see him progress quietly so that he develops in the right way.

The Habs Fan TV guys were saying this morning on BPM Sports that a 40-point season from Slafkovsky would be “exceptional”… And they’re right.

So 46 points would be more than exceptional. That said, I don’t think that’s expected by either the organization or the fans… And that’s okay too.

Let’s not forget that the kid has 39 games of NHL experience and is only 19 years old.

In gusto

He’s aiming for the 60-point plateau, by the way.

– Nice addition for the Lions.

– Oh yes.

– Gustav Lindström bids farewell to Red Wings fans and organization.

– Good point.

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