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Michel Therrien hated seeing Hal Gill block shots on his knees
When I was young, Hal Gill was one of my favorite players.

Not because he was dominant, not because he had great skills, not because I liked his style of play. I loved him because he didn’t hesitate to get down in front of his goalie’s net to block shots, and I thought that was funny.

I thought it was hilarious, even. I thought it was a crazy strategy… Even though it worked in the end.

But that was Hal Gill. We’re talking about a defender known for his love of blocking shots… In any way possible.

He loved to lie in front of his net, but he also loved to kneel in front of shots. It was like playing goalie, basically. Let’s just say that Michel Therrien never really liked that technique.

The defenseman recounted an anecdote that deserves to be heard, talking about his time in Pittsburgh, where he rubbed shoulders with the former CH pilot. He explains that Therrien called him into his office and when Gill entered the room, the former Penguins head coach was kneeling behind his desk.

Hal Gill repeatedly asked him if he needed help, thinking he’d hurt himself… And then Therrien told him he couldn’t move. The former CH defenseman turned around to fetch the team doctors and saw, on the TV set up in the coach’s office, an image of him kneeling in front of a pitch.

That’s when Michel Therrien spoke up again:

I can’t move right now because I’m on my knees. It’s the same for you on the ice when you do that. Stop kneeling! – Michel Therrien

Sick, for real.

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Gill recounts how Michel Therrien then “benched” him for 10 games… And that the coach was subsequently fired.

It’s all the more ironic because the two men had the opportunity to work together again in the Montreal Canadiens organization.

CH fans loved it so much when Hal Gill lay down in front of the net that they liked to imitate him when they saw the defenseman in bars around town… Which just goes to show how much he was appreciated by the fans.

For those a little less familiar with all this… Here’s what Hal Gill looked like when he lay down in front of the net :

(Credit: YouTube)
He was so tall (6 feet 7 inches) that he practically covered the entire net by himself.

It was special to see… And that’s why he’s still remembered in Montreal, even though he was traded by the Habs over ten years ago (February 17, 2012).

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