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Artemi Panarin fined for illegally firing a firearm
New York Rangers forward Artemi Panarin was recently fined in Russia. Why was he fined?

Because he pleaded guilty after illegally using a firearm in Russia. He fired it in an area where it wasn’t allowed in his native country, which earned him his fine. What’s more, his gun was confiscated.

We agree that the $406 (the equivalent of his sentence in US currency) it cost him isn’t exactly an amount that will keep him up at night, wondering how he’s going to make ends meet.

It’s a warning, though.

He’s being punished because using a weapon in the area he was in is considered dangerous to citizens. The Russian pleaded guilty, which means… he pleaded guilty. But that doesn’t mean he thinks he’s guilty.

Maybe it just means that the small fine wasn’t worth contesting in his eyes. Who knows?

Remember, though, that this isn’t the worst story involving Panarin in Russia. In 2021, the Rangers player was at the heart of allegations that, in 2011, he had hit an 18-year-old woman.

It’s debatable whether this was in fact a political story, as the Rangers player had just supported Vladimir Putin’s opponent. In the end, the whole thing was forgotten with the passage of time.

Remember that Panarin is an important player for the Rangers, a club that has a lot to make up for on the ice in the coming months. He’ll need to have his head in the game to take the Blue Shirts to the next level.

I expect this to be the case, as the Russian is quite a field hockey player and has been performing well since Jeff Gorton offered him a big contract to play in the Big Apple.

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