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Jeff Petry’s father knew a few days ago that his son was leaving for Detroit

Not long ago, we wondered if Kent Hughes was gambling his reputation with the Jeff Petry file. The club hadn’t introduced the defenseman to the media, and according to reports, the GM hadn’t contacted Petry’s agent. A bit of nothingness for the Petry family.

Now, an interview with Dan Petry, his father, seems to suggest that the Petrys knew what they were getting into.

During a segment preceding a Tigers game, for which Dan is a TV analyst, we learn that he had known since last week that his son would be traded to the Red Wings.

“I had to hide it from our producer. My lips were sealed, and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize this transaction.”

-Dan Petry

Remember that the Red Wings and Tigers are owned by the Illitch family (Little Caesars) and broadcast on Bally Sports. In short, the old man knew, and the family seemed to know.

In fact, Petry had wanted to play in Detroit for a long time. Maybe that was the focus from the start.

Dan, a former Tigers pitcher, can’t wait to see his son wear #46 (in honor of the number he wore in baseball) for his childhood team.

“You think about the fact that it’s a full-circle moment. All parents with kids who play field hockey, there are a lot of cuts, a lot of teams… It’s a vicious circle and you don’t think a moment like this is going to happen. And now you see your son playing with the team he idolized when he was young, in such an iconic jersey… It’s going to be special.”

-Dan Petry

En Rafale

– Whew.

– We love.

– Bruins stalwart.

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