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Patrick Roy: always on the lookout for an NHL opportunity
Patrick Roy is very serene. After ending his career as a junior field hockey coach in the best possible way, with a memorial cup, he finds himself on professional leave and doing very well indeed.

During a visit to the golf tournament benefiting the Serge Savard Foundation, he was kind enough to open up about the unusual situation he is currently experiencing. It has to be said that there has almost always been an imminent start to the season for him at this time of year.

“I’m going to miss my group of players (…) but it’s like 2003 when I retired as an NHL player: we’re moving on.” – Patrick Roy

Roy will never say it publicly, but to hear him talk, he wants to return to the NHL to coach. He says he’s always open to proposals, and that at this time of year, everyone thinks they’ve found their man.

As we all know, the situation changes at the beginning and middle of the season. Could he get his chance? I hope so.

I haven’t always been convinced of his coaching style, but he’s proved he can win, even in 2023. He’s received a lot of praise, and like many others, he deserves a second chance.

Of course, Ottawa remained a team that could have called on Roy’s services, but they decided to entrust the reins once again to D.J. Smith. The latter will undoubtedly be on a tightrope, and if the successes aren’t there, we shouldn’t be surprised to see a change.

The former Remparts coach avoided the trap of journalists’ questions by talking about Ottawa as a beautiful city, and that the people there are doing a good job.

This is something that Senators management should re-evaluate at the start of the season.

In bursts

– Messi has changed the organization.

– Great idea!

– Heavy loss.

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