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Paul Byron to meet CH for senior management position

It’s no secret that Paul Byron’s field hockey career is over. After a flurry of injuries requiring surgery, he was simply no longer able to train at a high level without feeling pain. It was Kent Hughes who confirmed the news in today’s press conference scheduled to answer questions about the Jeff Petry transaction.

It’s sad to see a player leave like this, especially after the production he was able to offer the CH after his ballot acquisition in 2015.

As my colleague Charles-Alexis wrote recently, Byron had not yet decided what to do next for 2023-2024. He had been seen in the team’s entourage even when his contract ended, notably with the team’s youngsters.

It was an early sign, because in addition to confirming what everyone already knew, Kent Hughes mentioned that Byron will be meeting with management to discuss his future with the team on the 2nd floor.

His presence in the executive box on several occasions last season gave us a good indication that he would eventually have the opportunity to work for the CH. He is well established and has never hidden his intentions in this matter.

Byron would be a great addition to the CH team, as he’s been through it all and always done it with class. He’s well placed to work in development with what he’s been through, but could also learn the ropes of the role of president or general manager.

I can see him in both positions, and if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton feel the same way, he’ll be a great acquisition. I look forward to the outcome. And will this possible new job start this year? Only time will tell.

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