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MLB: allegations of inappropriate relationship with a minor against a Rays player

Let’s leave field hockey aside for a moment, because the following news is shocking on all levels and deserves to be told.

Wander Franco is a Tampa Bay Rays baseball player. It’s not his batting average and home runs that are getting all the attention this Sunday night.

Rather, it’s the allegations of an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl that made the rounds on Platform X during his team’s game on Sunday.

The irony in all this? It was a day when kids 14 and under could get a cap bearing his likeness.

Franco didn’t take part in the game, but left the dugout around the 5th inning and hasn’t been seen since. He was not present at the stadium after the game, the situation being rather nebulous.

MLB decided to launch an investigation into the matter as the publication went viral. Team manager Kevin Cash did not elaborate on the situation.

Originally, the decision not to play Franco was due to the intention to rest him after 40 consecutive games played.

Cash’s comments were limited to this, but he did admit to being aware of the allegations made against Franco.

We’ll wait for more details on this, but for now, it doesn’t bode well for the Rays player, who has been excellent since the start of the season.

The Florida team is taking the situation very seriously and will make sure everything is done by the book with MLB.

“During today’s game, we were made aware of messages on social networks circulating regarding Wander Franco” – Rays press release

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