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Acknowledging his experience in Montreal, Belzile wants to progress in New York

Alex Belzile is the kind of player that’s easy to like and that many can relate to. He hasn’t had it easy in his career and has had to work for every opportunity. Last year, he had the chance to shine in Montreal, and he made the most of it.

In addition to his 14 points in 31 games, he brought a physical presence to the 4th trio. Unfortunately for him, he fell victim to Montreal’s surplus of forwards, which prompted him to leave.

In the end, it was the Rangers who got hold of his services, and according to the principal interested party, his progress is not over yet. He was present at the Gagné-Bergeron Pro-Am, and spoke to the media.

He’s not bitter towards the CH organization, but is happy to have an opportunity to continue his progression in New York. He wants to establish himself in the NHL on a regular basis and believes the Blue Shirts are a good team to do so.

Belzile signed a 2-year contract worth a total of $1.55 million.

Rafael Harvey-Pinard was also present and had nothing but good things to say about his former teammate. Belzile helped him a lot in his early days, and his advice has clearly paid off.

In Belzile’s case, I wonder about his real chances of integrating into the Rangers line-up over the next two seasons. He’s got a lot of heart, that’s for sure, but there are several young forwards, including a certain Alexis Lafrenière.

Lafrenière was also in attendance, and he’s looking forward to the role Peter Laviolette has in store for him. The Rangers’ new head coach has already promised more playing time for the young players.


– Nice win.

– Impressive batting.

– It’s crazy.

– Things aren’t going well in New York.

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