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Jordan Harris could and should blossom next season
Last season was a very difficult one for the Montreal Canadiens.

We knew it was going to be a season in which the team finished in the bottom half of the standings, but we were at least looking forward to watching the development and progression of the team’s various young players.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see the hecatomb of injuries coming.

Virtually every player on the team was injured at some point during the season, which greatly hindered everyone’s development and progression.

Especially among the youngsters, the majority didn’t play enough games for a rookie season, which hurts their development.

Fortunately, some players (besides Nick Suzuki, who has yet to miss a game since joining the NHL) have managed to play a lot of games.

One of these is defenseman Jordan Harris.

Harris has had a solid rookie season, establishing himself as a reliable and consistent defenseman.

The 23-year-old defenseman played 65 games, amassing 17 points, including four goals.

That’s nothing impressive, and it’s what often makes Harris so underrated by the Montreal public.

However, Harris shouldn’t be underestimated, as he still has great potential which he could very well reach as early as next season.

Indeed, Harris is one of the players likely to have the biggest impact on the team next season.

After a solid rookie season, Harris will have to show that he’s ready to take his development to the next level.

He was often already playing like an experienced veteran last season, which would help him perform even better this season.

In fact, the fact that Harris already seemed to be playing like a veteran at his age last season, and that he does everything well on the ice, are exactly the reasons why he’s so underrated.

He’s so overlooked that we don’t really notice him.

And that’s where Harris needs to take a step forward in his development.

In 2023-2024, he should be able to make a bigger impact.

The experience he gained in his rookie season will certainly help him to blossom and show that he can do more.

That’s why I said in my headline that he could blossom.

But I also said that he SHOULD blossom next season.

But why?

Well, because there’s going to be very limited space on the CH defense in the years to come.

Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher (even Adam Engstrom) will join an already crowded defense and will certainly take their place.

So, if Harris isn’t able to blossom this season into something more than a consistent, reliable defenseman, he could very well lose his place.

We don’t want that to happen, but if Harris doesn’t hatch in 2023-2024 to get closer to his still very much present potential, the 23-year-old defender may be running out of time.

In short, this will be a very important season for Harris, who will have to show that he can’t be replaced and that he belongs as a pillar of the CH defense for many seasons to come.

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