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Filip Eriksson: an underrated Canadian prospect
The Montreal Canadiens currently have a very well-stocked prospect bank.

As everyone knows, the CH doesn’t necessarily have one or two standout prospects with superstar potential (with the possible exception of Lane Hutson) in its prospect bank, but rather boasts incredible depth.

Indeed, the Tricolore has a variety of prospects on hand, all with the potential to reach the NHL and perform at the highest level.

It’s this depth that makes the CH’s prospect bank so good, because virtually every prospect has real potential.

Every CH fan has his or her favorite, and it varies from person to person.

Some really believe in Joshua Roy, while others prefer Sean Farrell or Emil Heineman.

Each of these hopefuls generally has his or her moment in the spotlight, as they end up being an analyst’s or fan’s favorite.

Despite this, some hopefuls remain in the shadows and are therefore underestimated, sometimes with good reason.

One such prospect who could very well surprise and emerge from the shadows is the CH’s sixth-round pick (165th overall) in the recent draft, Swedish center Filip Eriksson.

That’s what Marc Dumont said in one of his recent articles, when asked by a fan which CH prospect he thought was the most underrated.

Why Eriksson, who may seem like a mere sixth-round pick?

Well, because the Swedish center had a solid junior season before suffering a serious shoulder injury, which unfortunately ended his season.

As a result, Eriksson played just 11 games in the Swedish junior league, amassing 10 points (five goals and five assists), as well as two games in the SHL with no points.

At first glance, nothing impressive, but it’s worth noting that his team, HC Växjö, plan to have Eriksson play in the SHL next season.

Indeed, so says his coach Jörgen Jönsson.

Eriksson’s goal is simple: to carve out a position in the SHL at the age of 18.

It would be quite an achievement to play in the SHL at such a young age.

So, this means that Eriksson clearly has a fair amount of talent, if he’s already considered by his team as a player who can play in the SHL.

Without his injury, he clearly could have been drafted higher.

At 5 feet 10 inches and 161 pounds, Eriksson is a talented center who will clearly be one to watch next season, especially if he makes it to the SHL.

It’s a no-risk move for the CH, and one that could pay off in the long run.

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