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Kent Hughes was already shopping for Jeff Petry 3, 4 days before acquiring him
Patrice Bergeron has been the talk of the town in recent weeks.

A last (long) official presence on the ice after the Bruins were eliminateda video made by the Bruins showing not Patrice Bergeron, but rather Brad Marchand with a “C” on his vestthe official announcement of his retirementa little dance and a kiss with his partner incrime Brad Marchanda desire to replace (in part) field hockey with music in his life in Quebec

The former captain also attracted attention in Quebec City this week, when he captained his Bruins team in the Gagné-Bergeron Pro-Am. Who was the captain of the other team, wearing a blue-white-red sweater? David Savard!

The Gagné-Bergeron Classic – which will become the Sun Life Pro-Am next year – gave journalists a chance to chat with players invited to take part in the event. A TVA Sports journalist who attended the event published an interesting text following his orher discussions with Kaiden Guhle, David Savard, Jordan Harris, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard and Samuel Montembeault, the CH players who were present in Quebec City.

Too bad TVA Sports and Le Journal de Montréal are signing fewer and fewer texts. We won’t know who produced this report.

What do I take away from these official words? That Kaiden Guhle is going to miss Joel Edmundson… and that he was as surprised as you and I that Jeff Petry is back.

The Canadiens’ rookie defenseman, who claims to be in good health, recalled that Joel Edmundson was a good leader and a good big brother. Edmundson was always there for the youngsters, he was the DJ in the locker room(you can find out which songs he played in the locker room), he was funny and good company, but above all, he was a solid defender.

“With Eddy gone, all the defenders will have to be better, including young ones like me. But we’re ready for the challenge.” Kaiden Guhle

Let’s not forget that Edmundson was often the conduit for communications between the dressing room and the coaches or management. Even when he was injured and therefore absent from the competition…

Does Guhle think Petry will be able to replace Edmundson as a good veteran in the dressing room?

Let’s just say that Guhle doesn’t sound like someone who thinks Petry is in Montreal for the long haul! Or even that he’ll actually set foot in Montreal…

“I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m excited that he’s back with us. We’ll see what happens […] for now, he’s with us and we’re happy to have him.”Kaiden Guhle

When we learn that Petry was already being shopped by Kent Hughes just days before the deal with the Penguins and Sharks, we’re not making long-term plans with Petry either. Even though he had an “A” – removed in the last few hours, by the way – next to his name on the team’s official website

“Around the middle of last week […] the Montreal Canadiens started calling other teams to tell them that they were going to get their hands on Jeff Petry and that he was going to be immediately available on the trade market.”David Pagnotta

Guhle spent the summer in Quebec, visiting the Capitale-Nationale region for the first time in his life. He goes out of his way to understand and get to know his fans, and that’s something to be noted and appreciated.

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