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“Ivan Demidov is better than Matvei Michkov”.

When we think of Russia’s top prospects, Matvei Michkov’s name springs to mind for obvious reasons.

Some were talking about him being the best Russian prospect since Alex Ovechkin for the last NHL draft, so much so that he has great potential. But…

Ivan Demidov’s name will soon be added to the discussion. The latter is seen as one of the most attractive prospects in the 2024 draft, and if the draft were held tomorrow morning, Demidov would probably come out (very strongly) in the top-3.

The kid’s got talent.

He’s so good that Grant McCagg, who specializes in prospects, sees him (already) as better than Michkov. In his eyes, Ivan Demidov will become a better NHL player than the Philadelphia Flyers prospect:

It’s a bit ironic that Demidov and Michkov are currently playing together with SKA St. Petersburg.

Demidov has taken part in the team’s preparatory activities, and in Russia, he is expected to be relegated to the MHL (Russian junior league) so that he can continue to develop properly.

That said, some people are really wondering whether he needs another year in junior, given that he dominated the MHL last season with a total of 62 points (19 goals) in just 41 games.

The nice thing about Demidov is that he does everything on the ice. He’s like Michkov in that he has no trouble finding the back of the net… But it’s his vision that stands out.

Demidov has a disconcerting ease of finding his teammates on the ice and sometimes looks like he has eyes all the way around his head. Add that to the quality of his wrist shot…

And one might conclude that the main player has all the tools to become a super star in the NHL.

Ivan Demidov is under contract in the KHL until the end of the 2024-2025 season.

Will he make the jump to the NHL after that? Will he decide to continue his development in Russia, like his friend Matvei Michkov?

These are questions that will certainly be answered between now and June 2024, when the next NHL draft is scheduled to take place. Until then, his performance and progress will be something to watch in Russia.

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