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Cayden Pimeau is “NHL ready”, says Jean-François Houle

There’s been a lot of talk about the Canadiens’ goaltending situation in recent days. Actually… No. Let me start again.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Canadiens’ goaltending situation since the deal that brought Casey DeSmith (and Jeff Petry) to town.

Everyone’s wondering what the organization’s plan will be in the coming weeks, as the 2023-2024 season gets underway in a month’s time.

On October 11, the CH will be in Toronto for its first game of the campaign.

Which goaltenders will be in uniform against the Leafs? Will the Habs start the season with three goalies in their line-up? The scenario is on the table, but the idea isn’t necessarily popular:

If there’s one person who can’t really be happy with this turn of events, it’s Cayden Primeau.

The young goalie, trying to make his way in the NHL, now finds himself even further down the CH’s organizational chart in the goaltending position. It’s all part of the game.

There’s starting to be some traffic in front of the net for the Habs, and that’s flat for Primeau. That said, no one really expected him to break into the CH lineup at the next training camp, and let’s not forget that he’ll have to pass the ballot if he’s sent back to the AHL, which is highly likely.

Cayden Primeau celebrates his 24th birthday today. He still has time to make the leap to the big leagues at his age… But it’s the same question that keeps coming up when we talk about him.

“Is he really ready, for the National League?”

It’s hard to answer the question from an amateur point of view, because we don’t really know what the progression curves are in his development. That said, his head coach in Laval, Jean-François Houle, has worked with him extensively in recent years to maintain that Primeau is indeed “NHL ready “.

The Rocket pilot believes that Primeau deserves a chance to shine… But we all know the problem at the moment.

There’s no room on the Habs. Primeau may be NHL-ready in his coach’s eyes… But Montreal isn’t where it’s at.

It’s just a perception, but I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised to see Cayden Primeau ask for a trade if he sees things stalling again in the next few months. He’d certainly like to play in the NHL, and if he thinks he’s got what it takes, it might be best for him to look elsewhere.

Because let’s not forget that he’s under contract for two more years (until the end of the 2024-2025 season). I don’t think the idea of spending the next two years in the American League really appeals to him…

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