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Tomas Tatar: a lot of interest in him, he says

It’s been almost a month and a half since the NHL free-agent market opened. This means that, for the most part, the right players are under contract. In the MLB, this would mean that the whole thing may end up unlocking…. eventually.

Of course, there are still a few interesting names on the Bettman circuit.

Of the lot? Tomas Tatar. The former Montreal Canadien has been as free as a bird for over a month now, and one wonders why he hasn’t yet signed a contract for next season.

But as the former Habs player explained when he was named Slovak Player of the Year, it’s not for lack of interest that he’s still a free agent at the moment.

There have been several teams since the beginning. There were a lot of interested parties, which reassured me.

The problem is more in the agreement. – Tomas Tatar

The former Canadian, who spent the last two seasons in New Jersey, is looking for a contract of more than a year with a good club. That makes it hard to find at his age. And with his playoff record

His comment is very different from the previous one, which was that there was no interest in him.

But hey. The main interested party says that in recent days, the options have become increasingly clear in his case. The player is talking directly to certain coaches about the role he would have at the club in question.

Are the Penguins, whose name has been bandied about, interested? Who knows.

We know the Devils aren’t an option (as he said), and don’t think the Habs will be – even “if therewas news last week”, according to some sites.

The fact that no one is interested according to the rumours of the moment doesn’t mean he’ll want to come back to Montreal or that Kent Hughes has room for him among all the forwards already in town, you know.

Anyway. All this to say that the payroll situation may possibly have a role to play. If a team makes room for the player soon, maybe that could speed up the process.

To be continued.

In Brief

– Interesting.

– He wanted to go to Texas.

– Really?

– I would imagine so.

– Happy birthday, Cayden.

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