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Field hockey Canada scandal: Bill Daly won’t give a date for the announcement

I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say out loud that we’re all looking forward to the outcome of the Hockey Canada scandal.

In the last few days, news has emerged that five members of the 2018 edition of Junior Team Canada were going to be punished for what they did. Who are they, you might ask?

I’d like to answer the question, but I don’t have the answer. And right now, the situation is the same across the country and throughout the NHL. What is the NHL waiting for to reveal the information?

Katie Strang, an investigative reporter for The Athletic, tried to get answers from Bill Daly via e-mail. The result?

The NHL’s Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel maintains that, at this time, no date is set for the announcement.

It’s frustrating, for obvious reasons.

Because at the end of the day, it’s the whole image of the league that’s taking a hit right now. It just seems like the NHL is trying as best it can to distance itself from this horrifying story… But that’s not how it works. At least, that’s not how it should work.

This is serious business. Very serious business. So what’s slowing it down so much?

I sincerely hope that the league and all parties involved in the investigation are doing things the right way and not taking the whole thing lightly.

We’re talking about a gang rape, an ordeal… And just because the guys are playing in the NHL today doesn’t mean they’re to blame.

All this to say that we’ll have to wait (again) before knowing the identity of the players involved in the story.

It pisses me off (forgive my language) and I’m sure it does the same for you… But hey.

In brief

– Nice signing for the Canucks.

– He’s ready to get back in the game.

– A top seed goes down at the National Bank Open.

– Things are getting tougher in MLB.

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