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Casey DeSmith could become a solution for the Oilers in front of the net

Casey DeSmith was acquired by the Montreal Canadiens a few days ago. That said, perhaps he’ll never suit up for the Flanelle.

The reason is simple. The CH is already counting on the services of Samuel Montembeault and Jake Allen, and it would be surprising to see the club start the season with three goalies in the line-up.

That’s one of the reasons why we’re expecting him to be traded elsewhere between now and the start of the campaign.

A TVA Sports article mentions the Hawks, Blue Jackets, Capitals and Lightning as teams likely to be interested in the 31-year-old goaltender. The Jets and Oilers are also mentioned…

But I’m more interested in the Oilers. We all know that the Jack Campbell experiment didn’t (really) work out in Edmonton, and what’s complicated with him is his big contract.

Campbell is under contract for four more seasons (his pact expires at the end of the 2026-2027 season) and is paid $5 million annually. That’s a lot for a guy who got knocked out of the net in the last playoffs…

And in Edmonton, we like to criticize him. Could the addition of a guy like Casey DeSmith give the team a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup next season?

Let me explain.

The Oilers relied on Stuart Skinner for much of the last series, and he didn’t get the job done when it mattered.

That’s “okay”, considering he’s only 24. He should have the chance to start next season as the Oilers’ number-one goalie…

And knowing that Campbell isn’t living up to the (high) expectations placed on him, the idea of sending him elsewhere is gaining ground.

Ken Holland might be tempted to look for a good second goalie who can back up Skinner.

Having a trusted second goalie on the Oilers’ side is important because the organization’s window of opportunity is right now.

Add to that the fact that the contracts of Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid are about to expire. The Oilers must do everything in their power to satisfy the organization’s two star players, otherwise it could lose them for absolutely nothing…

And that can’t happen. Especially when they’re among the top five players on the Bettman circuit.

By showing McDavid and Draisaitl that he’s serious about winning, GM Ken Holland gives himself a better chance of keeping them in town.

And by adding a trusted goaltender like Casey DeSmith to replace a guy we don’t trust (Jack Campbell), maybe it can help the team lift a Stanley Cup before too long.

In gusto

– I see McDavid and Pastrnak repeating the feat. And I also see Tage Thompson scoring 50 goals next season.

– That’s his strength, scoring goals.

– With DeBrincat by his side, yes.

– Incredible story.

– He’s starting his season strong.

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