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To boo or not to boo Jeff Petry: that is the question

When Jeff Petry left Montreal, things weren’t exactly rosy. After all, after many happy years, the marriage between Jeff Petry and the Canadiens went sour.

Petry filed for divorce and the official divorce was finalized last year.

But now, this year, Petry and the Habs have to cohabit together again on a short-term basis because of… um… the kids who – okay, my marriage metaphor doesn’t hold water at this point.

All this to say that right now, Jeff Petry is probably waiting for a deal to get him out of Montreal again. The first time around, it took a few months before Kent Hughes came through.

Will that be the case again this year? I don’t think so.

But if it did, the Petry family would move to Montreal and Jeff Petry would once again have to don a Montreal Canadiens uniform for the rest of the season. Could it look something like this?

Matheson – Savard
Guhle – Petry
Xhekaj – Harris

Extra : Kovacevic
Laval : Barron
Ballottage : Wideman

It may still be a little early to keep him in the Canadiens lineup. That said, as of today, he’s still here and he belongs on the 23-man roster.

He is, much to the chagrin of fans, since his comments about the “high expectations” of the Penguins, who missed the playoffs (in part) because of a loss to Chicago, are still stuck in the craw of many fans.

If Petry does return, he’ll owe fans an explanation, of course. That said, fans will have the right to accept or reject them. The customer is king, as they say.

And one wonders how the fans would receive him. Would he be booed, as they were when he returned to Montreal in 2022 as a Penguin? Possibly, yes.

After all, there’s a difference between booing an opponent and a player wearing the Flanelle colors.

Of course, this is hypothetical, since the chances of this scenario (playing with the CH) are very slim. However, the question may still arise.

In my opinion, he would be applauded by some people and booed by others. Some people would never applaud him, and others would never boo a home-team player.

It would be a mixed bag, in my view. And I don’t think the CH wants to go that far.

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