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Jeff Petry transaction: radio silence from the Canadiens four days later

On Sunday, Kent Hughes completed a transaction to part with Mike Hoffman and Rem Pitlick. In return, the GM acquired a second-round pick in 2025, Nathan Légaré, Casey DeSmith and Jeff Petry.

It caused quite a stir in Montreal.

The more time goes by, the more we seem to understand that the Habs’ goal is not to have Petry play in Montreal. The goal is undoubtedly to retain as little salary as possible by trading him.

At least, that’s my theory.

But hey. Right now, everyone’s in wait-and-see mode to see what happens. After all, it’s rare to see so much radio silence after a deal like this.

But clearly, if there’s radio silence, it’s because talking isn’t happening.

Four days later, we’re still waiting to hear from three people: Kent Hughes, Jeff Petry and Casey DeSmith. All three men have yet to speak to the media.

Nathan Légaré has given one-on-one interviews… and the second pick in 2025 isn’t the most gossipy of the bunch.

What is noticeable is that not only are there no updates via public comments, but even on social networks, for example, nothing is happening.

Julie Petry, who continues to post repeatedly on Instagram, has not updated her profile. No publication mentions the transaction taking her husband and family out of Pennsylvania.

(Credit: Instagram)

Remember that if the Habs don’t manage to trade Jeff Petry by the start of the season, the player and his family will report to Montreal. Probably not anyone’s #1 plan, but hey.

And as for DeSmith, who knows which goalie will be scooped up to avoid a ménage à trois…

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