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BPM Sports: Réjean Tremblay confirms that Jean-Charles Lajoie has been fired

Over the past few days, BPM Sports has announced the departure of Jean-Charles Lajoie. The host of the station’s morning show has officially left on a mutual decision basis, it was announced.

But in reality, as we mentioned in a text earlier this week, the decision was not as mutual as originally announced by the sports station.

And this, even Réjean Tremblay has confirmed.

The former Journal de Montréal columnist, whose departure from JdeM was announced yesterday to focus on other projects, spoke precisely about the subject with Jeff Fillion during a column on Radio Pirate.

– Have you spoken to Jean-Charles since his dismissal? – Jeff Fillion

– Yes (…) – Réjean Tremblay

During the column, Réjean Tremblay mentioned that it probably wasn’t a dismissal done in the wrong way, since during a dinner in a Montreal restaurant between Alexandre Panneton (the station’s DG) and himself, JiC arrived by chance.

It was the day after the station’s official announcement, and the two men chatted for about ten minutes.

In Réjean’s opinion, the whole thing was done in the right way, since the press release serves to protect Jean-Charles and the station. With the workload he had (he was on the air in the morning at BPM Sports and in the evening at TVA Sports), it was easily justifiable.

The columnist said he often spoke to JiC to tell him that, in the end, it was the situation that led to all this. If he’d only had the show on the radio, he’d have been in his chair by the time he got back, not early in the morning.

During this lengthy column, which touched on a number of subjects (including the state of the media in 2023 at the very beginning), the subject of Michel Villeneuve also came up.

After all, he was the one who first publicly announced Jean-Charles Lajoie’s dismissal.

Réjean explained that the bickering between Jean-Charles Lajoie and Michel Villeneuve goes back to the episode when the latter broke the news that Michel Therrien had called Max Pacioretty “the worst captain in Habs history”.

That’s when things got out of hand between the two men.

And why? Because Michel Villeneuve pulled out all the stops and JiC didn’t protect him. According to Réjean Tremblay, JiC’s relationship with Michel Therrien obviously got the better of him, and that’s when things got out of hand.

It should also be noted that, at the time, 91.9 Sports was negotiating for the rights to the Montreal Canadiens.

All this to say that the bickering between Villeneuve and Lajoie is, as you know, very intense. Le Dernier Vrai has taken to Twitter in a bid to hurt the TVA Sports host.

His friend Réjean Tremblay told him about it recently.

When he was picking on Jean-Charles, Réjean told him to stop once the news was official. Why would he do that? To stop hitting a guy who’s already on the ground.

Let’s just say it’s a story that’s still getting people talking.

In bursts

– Good thing he’s here.

– Nathan Légaré lives for field hockey. [BPM Sports]

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