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Jacob Fowler “has the makings of an NHL starting goalie,” says scout

When I look back at the Canadiens’ latest draft, I have to admit that my favorite pick of the lot is most likely Jacob Fowler in the early third round. The goalie had an exceptional season in the USHL and I really like what I see of the youngster in front of his net.

I’m not one of those people who thinks the CH should go after a top prospect in front of the net at all costs (at least, not right now), but Fowler is an interesting gamble.

With Fowler and the other goalies in the organization’s nursery, the club hopes to have its future starting goalie in that pool. However, in terms of potential and sheer talent, the young American has a head start on the others.

And according to one scout, Fowler really does seem to have the makings of a future NHL starting goaltender. At least, that’s what Steven Ellis reports in an article about the young goalie.

We know that prospects aren’t an exact science, and this is even truer with goalies, but the scout in question believes that Fowler has the technique, size and “head on his shoulders” to take on a #1 goalie role in the NHL.

We’ll have to wait a little longer before he can continue his development in the NCAA (and possibly with the Laval Rocket) afterwards, but what’s encouraging is that he’s likely to get a ton of starts this year. He should be the starting goaltender on a solid Boston College roster (Cutter Gauthier, Will Smith and Ryan Leonard will all be on the team), and he’s likely to get a chance to play in the WJC.

Ellis even thinks he’s capable of battling with Trey Augustine for the starting role, but realistically, he’s more likely to be a starter at WJC 2025.

It’s still too early to say whether the Habs have a future starting goaltender in Jacob Fowler. However, the fact that he is already recognized throughout the NHL as a promising prospect in front of the net is truly encouraging.

And whether as a tandem goalie or a workhorse, I like the chances of seeing him in the blue-white-red uniform one day. It’ll take time, but I have a feeling it’ll happen.

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