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Matvei Michkov puts on a show and is named MVP of a 3-on-3 tournament
Clearly, Matvei Michkov is playing like a guy who wants to prove to teams that they made a mistake by ignoring him in the last draft.

He began his KHL prep schedule with the knife between his teeth, and the Philadelphia Flyers prospect continues to shine.

His club took part in a small 3-on-3 tournament with three other KHL teams. SKA St. Petersburg won their first duel of the competition, which earned them a place in the final…

And Michkov propelled his club to victory with three goals in two games. The result? He was voted tournament MVP, and in the images that follow, it’s easy to see why.

The last goal we see him score is, without a doubt, quite spectacular:

All field hockey fans are aware that he’s endowed with great qualities on the ice.

But all field hockey fans are also aware that he slipped in the draft for the reasons we know today.

It’s done and there’s no going back.

That said, Michkov is enjoying success right now, and I’m curious to see if they’ll carry over into the regular season too.

The Russian has been producing at a rate of a goal a game since the start of KHL activities, and he seems to be in the right chair at the moment in St Petersburg. This was not the case last year, when he also played with HK Sochi and had to adjust to a different system of play in the middle of the season.

His current coaches trust him enough to try him out in the center, a position to which he adapts particularly well.

At least, from the looks of him over the last few games… That’s what comes to mind. If he can continue to develop in the right way, and if he continues to produce the way he’s doing right now, the Flyers will be happy.

In gusto

– Really.

– Damn.

We’ve known it for a few weeks, but now it’s official.

– Hehe.

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