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Olivier Kylington (Flames) opens up about his mental health issues
We often forget that athletes are human.

Just because a man or woman plays in a professional league doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, and they’re not robots either.

News flash… They’re just like you and me, and they too have to juggle certain aspects of life. And even if the athletes earn a good salary, that doesn’t mean everything’s going well in their respective lives.

Don’t tell me it’s okay because some athletes earn millions of dollars. That’s just ignorant thinking.

We’ve seen it in recent years in Montreal with Carey Price and Jonathan Drouin. Price had to comply with the NHL’s player assistance program because of substance abuse problems, and Drouin had to leave the team at one point because he had anxiety and insomnia problems.

Oliver Kylington is another example. The Flames defenseman confessed in an interview with Swedish media that his mental health problems were so intense that he had to write off the 2022-2023 NHL season.

Instead, he decided to take time out to take care of himself, and now he’s feeling much better. He says he’s excited at the prospect of rejoining his club and rediscovering his love of the game:

Hats off to him, honestly.

It takes courage to come out publicly like he did and that’s a credit to him.

It’s important, by the way, not to be afraid to let our emotions out. I know I’m getting a little off track when I say that… But it’s a subject that affects so many people, athletes and everyone else.

It’s not easy and it can be frightening for some. But that’s normal. But it’s by taking this step that, in the end, things can get better, as Kylington explains:

I needed to face these issues and today I’m incredibly grateful for the journey I started and had to finish. – Oliver Kylington

In the hope that he can serve as a role model for all those who fall victim to it.


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