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Jeff Petry: why hasn’t he been traded yet?

When the Habs announced that Jeff Petry was back in town Sunday morning in the wake of the Erik Karlsson deal, many expected that he would only be in town temporarily. In fact, one could almost wonder if Kent Hughes didn’t already have an agreement with another club to hand over the defenseman.

However, more than four days later, this was clearly not the case, given that Petry is still a member of the CH. And that’s despite the fact that he still hasn’t been heard from since (and neither has Kent Hughes, for that matter).

Right now, it’s safe to assume that Hughes and Jeff Gorton are feeling out the situation and trying to figure out the defenseman’s next destination. Maybe they’re also considering the idea of keeping him, but I don’t know if they’d be comfortable keeping him considering he wouldn’t necessarily be the happiest guy in town.

On the other hand, you also have to wonder what’s getting in the way, and the possibility that his contract is a problem can’t be ruled out. A lot of teams are looking for money right now, and even at $2.3 million (if the Habs hold back 50% of his remaining salary), Petry can complicate a pay sheet.

And that’s why I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t wait until a team resorts to LTIR before picking up Petry.

The fact that we don’t know exactly which clubs are on his list of 15 teams to which he refuses to be traded complicates the process, but let’s take the Colorado Avalanche, for example: the team is currently $4.975 million over the salary cap, but when Gabriel Landeskog is placed on the LTIR, there will be $2.025 million left in Colorado.

I’m not saying he’ll be traded to Colorado (although the idea isn’t completely crazy), but it’s an example of a case that could slow down Petry’s case right now.

Of the destinations that seem to be coming back, salary isn’t an issue for the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres, but it is for the Dallas Stars, who will almost certainly have to pack Mason Marchment for a potential deal bringing Petry to town.

It would be a little more complicated for the Kings and Hurricanes, but we can also wonder if they aren’t potential partners for the Tricolore. And if they have a player to place on the LTIR for the season (which doesn’t seem to be the case right now, though), it would make the process easier.

What we feel right now is that a domino will have to fall somewhere in the NHL to allow a transaction involving Petry. Whether it’s Mason Marchment in Dallas, Brett Pesce or Brady Skjei in Carolina, or some other player, it’s safe to assume that something is holding up the Petry file right now.

Let’s see if it unlocks soon.

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