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Patrice Bergeron: no more field hockey, it’s time for music

Field hockey is over for Patrice Bergeron. Well, almost. The Quebecer will be playing in the Gagné-Bergeron Pro-Am at Quebec City’s Centre Vidéotron this weekend. After that, he’ll be as free as a bird and able to enjoy his retirement.

Bergeron spoke to Le Soleil ‘s Mikaël Lalancette about what he plans to do in his well-deserved retirement.

It may surprise you, but Bergeron loves to play music! That’s what he told Lalancette.

He used to play piano when he was younger, but stopped taking lessons because of his field hockey career, which was starting to take up more space in his life. Now that field hockey is out of the picture, he’ll have all the time in the world to practice.

In fact, Bergeron doesn’t yet know whether he’ll concentrate on piano or guitar. We’d love to hear him play one day!

The Bruins legend regrets having given up music when he was growing up. Even though his field hockey career was phenomenal, he would have loved to continue playing an instrument. His parents even warned him that he would have been happy to have continued playing music. They were right!

They say field hockey’s over, but it’s only over for now.

Bergeron wants to spend time with his family and children. Retirement will give him plenty of free time to look after the people he loves without having to travel from city to city for games.

He’d even like to take some business courses to pursue some of the many dreams on his bucket list.

But for now, business won’t have anything to do with sport. Number 37 doesn’t feel ready to get back into the business, at least not for the next few years anyway.

In bursts

– Simply magnificent.

– Well-deserved.

– We expected it!

– He received a solid blow on the coconut.

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