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Réjean Tremblay resigns from his position at the Journal de Montréal

After 12 years of loyal service to Le Journal de Montréal, Réjean Tremblay finally handed in his resignation earlier this week, as reported by La Presse.

The experienced columnist spoke to La Presse’s Guillaume Lefrançois by telephone.

At 78, his career is far from over.

Tremblay explains that he is now going to do something else. He is said to be preparing other projects. He has reportedly been in contact with TVA with a view to producing a TV series called Le Septième, about managing a field hockey team.

And let’s not forget that he’s been a fixture on BPM Sports radio for several years, where he could be taking on a different role in the coming months.

Réjean Tremblay was offered to write only “one or two pages” on Saturdays in the Journal de Montréal. He turned down the offer, however, because he says he prefers to work in the heat of the moment. He gives a perfect example, saying that if Guy Lafleur had died on a Tuesday, he wouldn’t have felt like waiting until Saturday to write about it.

Tremblay really enjoyed his last year on the job, especially when he was covering the Florida Panthers’ run to the Stanley Cup Final. He told Guillaume Lefrançois that he even had the opportunity to drive to a game in a Rolls-Royce and watch the game in the owner’s old dressing room. That’s something!

He predicted a Stanley Cup victory for the Canadiens in 2027 in his latest column. Fingers crossed it happens!

However, Tremblay is worried about the world of communications. Sure, it’s scary to see Meta closing its doors to the major news media, but real journalism has always been able to modernize and adapt to new challenges.

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