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If Jeff Petry finds himself in Montreal today, it’s partly his fault.

I find it hard to believe that Jeff Petry and his family were overjoyed to hear the news that he’d been traded to the Montreal Canadiens.

You know why I say that. But at the same time, it’s kind of his fault too. Let me explain.

Petry found himself, as we know, at the heart of several trade rumours, notably those involving Erik Karlsson. He submitted a list of 15 teams he didn’t want to be traded to in Pittsburgh, and the Penguins tried to build a package around him to send him to the Sharks…

But Eric Engels, who was on Tony Marinaro’s podcast, reports that the defenseman decided not to exercise his no-trade clause in order to move to California.

In other words, Petry said no to the Sharks… And now he’s back in Montreal (for now).

I invite you to “skipper” to the 52nd minute of the following video to hear the Sportsnet reporter’s comments on this subject:

Eric Engels explains it perfectly.

The Habs weren’t on Petry’s list because he never thought he’d be back in the Habs organization.

He refused to be traded to the Sharks and Kyle Dubas had to find another solution to bring Erik Karlsson to town. In the end, the Penguins’ (new) GM did what he needed to do.

There’s been a lot of talk about it since Sunday, but the chances of Petry starting the season in Montreal are very real. They may not be huge… but the scenario still exists.

Whispers are spreading that Kent Hughes is actively trying to trade him to another club, and last night there was talk of the defenseman being traded to the Dallas Stars.

Where will he continue his career, if not in Montreal? That’s the question on everyone’s lips right now, in Montreal and elsewhere in the NHL.

That said, Eric Engels has been in contact with the Petry family, who should be arriving in Montreal shortly. The family’s plan is to make the most of it, whatever the next scenario.

They’re coming to Montreal with an open mind. If Jeff is in uniform for the first game of the season, that’ll be that. And if Jeff is traded elsewhere between now and October 11, when the CH begins its campaign in Toronto, that will be that too.

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