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Logan Cooley is better than Connor Bedard, according to the Coyotes

Speak well of it, speak ill of it, but speak well of it. It’s a motto that attention-seekers use to put themselves in the spotlight and deflect media attention.

Among them? The Coyotes.

Right now, the club isn’t getting much press. Why is that? Because news that the club wants to move to Mesa, a city even farther from Phoenix than Tempe, has surfaced.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

But hey. You know as well as I do that the club doesn’t exactly have the choice to be creative in finding ways to keep the club in Arizona since the right options haven’t been on the table for a long time.

Quebec City, is that a suburb of Phoenix? I’m asking for a friend.

To deflect attention, the Coyotes decided to issue a press release about the news. But what they did was make sure that the Mesa bit wasn’t what people remembered.

Well done. Really well done.

How did they do it? In writing their press release, the Coyotes were careful to make sure that the bit that stood out the most was the one in which Logan Cooley was described as “the best prospect in the world”.

The club touted its summer by mentioning certain additions, including Logan “best prospect in the world” Cooley, who recently signed his NHL entry-level contract. In doing so, he gave up the chance to play in the NCAA… in favor of another college arena.

Obviously, everyone in the comments had the same reaction. It was to point out that the Coyotes had “forgotten” that Connor Bedard belongs to the Hawks.

It’s not an oversight, of course.

I’d say it puts more pressure on the youngster, but in Arizona, he’ll be forgotten more than anything else. And in his eyes, seeing his club praise him like this will be good for morale.

Bravo, Coyotes.


– Nice photo.

– Obviously.

– Oh boy.

– Nothing less.

– Jayden Struble is integrating well.

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