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Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand: a memorable dance (and kiss) at a wedding

In recent years, Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand have represented the Boston Bruins to great effect. That wasn’t always the case for Marchand, but hey.

Now that Bergeron has announced his retirement, we can expect Marchand to take over as captain. And in a few years, Charlie McAvoy should take over.

And just as well, since Bergeron and Marchand stole the show at McAvoy’s wedding.

As the two men danced together, all eyes at the wedding were on them. Eventually, they shared a kiss before dancing again with passion.

It was quite comical to see the two guys, who clearly have chemistry on the ice and in life, give it their all in the context of a wedding. It undoubtedly put some fun in the place. And with good reason.

I wonder if such a “handover” process took place between Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron back in the day…

Of course, it’s interesting to see teammates (or former teammates) doing this in a context other than that of a field hockey game. That’s when you see who’s friends with whom.

Johnny Gaudreau may never have played with Brady Tkachuk (he did play with his brother in Calgary, though), but seeing them together – Gaudreau on Tkachuk’s shoulders – at Kevin Hayes’ wedding is also quite interesting.

It’s often in the summer that such scenes take place, since NHL players hardly have time to get married during the regular season. In summer, guys have a lot more time and can invite their friends from all over the NHL.

It makes for some great moments. And after all, a beak on your boy’s beak is just comical.

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