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Anaheim Ducks prospect caught on camera booing Gary Bettman

What’s the best tradition in field hockey?

The playoff beard? No !

National anthems before games? Nope!

Handshakes after the end of a series? So not!

For me, the best tradition in field hockey is booing Gary Bettman every time he takes the microphone. In fact, in my opinion, Golden Knights fans dodged a bullet when they won the Stanley Cup final. Yes, their favorites had won, but they had a job to do and they failed. They had to boo Gary Bettman, as tradition dictates, and they didn’t do it.

Leo Carlsson, on the other hand, didn’t even wait until he was officially an NHL player to put this tasty tradition into practice.

The second overall pick in the last draft didn’t have to wait long in the stands to hear his name called. But even so, that didn’t stop him from getting caught on camera and getting his feet wet. Take a look for yourself:

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Let’s go Leo! Huer Bettman, me, I love him even more all of a sudden.

I’d also like to point out that it was reported that he avoided the handshake with the commissioner when he climbed on stage to receive his new team jersey and cap. This is not true, however, as they can be seen hand in hand in numerous photos.

In the video presented by WJC Rankings, we wonder if Carlsson hates Bettman. Honestly, I don’t think he does. He’s just a kid having fun and doing things the traditional way. Who can blame him?

I certainly don’t!

Besides, he should be really good.

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