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Coyotes: cheapest season tickets at $92 per game

Unfortunately, the Arizona Coyotes have a habit of being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Gary Bettman’s baby is often at the heart of unenviable stories, including dubious owners and financial problems.

It’s not for nothing that the club has acquired the reputation of “the garbage can of bad contracts”.

And this year, they’ll be starting their second season in Mullett Arena, an NCAA arena (the home of the Arizona State Sun Devils) with a capacity of just 5,000. To mark the occasion, the club has unveiled the season ticket prices for next year, and what we notice is that they’re expensive.

How expensive? To the point where the cheapest season ticket costs $92 (US) per game.

Usually, the price comes for a pair of tickets, but digging around on Ticketmaster, I was able to figure out that they’re talking about the price for a single ticket.

When I clicked on tickets available in the front row for a half-season, the individual price was $8,820, which corresponds to the price shown on the graphic on the site. This means that the most expensive season ticket costs $16,810, which provides front-row seats for all 41 of the team’s home games.

By comparison, a pair of Bell Centre season tickets in the reds costs $12,203 (plus taxes). We’re not necessarily talking about front-row tickets, and there is a waiting list, but we’re still talking about tickets that are roughly less expensive than in Arizona.

That’s pretty special.

At least the Coyotes seem to be offering guaranteed access to all the club’s playoff games with season tickets. Naysayers will say the club isn’t risking much considering the Coyotes aren’t likely to make the playoffs, but hey.

But clearly, we’re talking about very, very high prices for Coyotes season tickets. I understand there’s a scarcity with the limited number of seats, but it’s still pretty fascinating.


– Wow.

– Too bad.

– Spectacular victory for the Quebecer.

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