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Images: Matvei Michkov tries (again) a Michigan feint in the middle of a match

Over the past few days, Matvei Michkov has been the talk of the field hockey world for one simple reason: the young Russian forward is burning up the KHL in this preparatory calendar and, more importantly, he’s doing it by learning a new position.

The winger is now being used as a center forward with SKA St. Petersburg, and is learning to play the Sidney Crosby style.

But whether he’s used on the wing or in the center, the fact remains that Michkov is an electrifying player. We’re talking about a guy with tremendous offensive instincts who isn’t afraid to let his talent shine through.

And even today, he wasn’t afraid to demonstrate the extent of his spectacular style, as in a match against the U23 national team in Russia, Michkov made a spectacle of himself by attempting a Michigan feint.

We know he likes to take chances, and he tried it again today.

However, the opposing goalie was able to deny his attempt, but that didn’t stop Michkov from picking up the disc and passing it to one of his teammates. The latter then sent the puck into the net, creating a quality scoring chance.

Missing a Michigan and still getting a great scoring chance is impressive.

And even though he didn’t score on this sequence, he did pick up a point in the game with an assist on Ivan Demidov’s goal. The chemistry between the two is obvious.

The other moment that caught the eye in connection with Michkov in this game was a sequence in which he came into rather violent contact with one of his opponents.

Is he the assailant or the victim? You be the judge, but Mishkov’s teammates didn’t exactly appreciate it. The good news is that he escaped unscathed.

In short, once again today, Michkov put on a show in Russia. One thing is clear: the Flyers have drafted one of the most electrifying young players, and we’re likely to see him repeatedly in highlights compilations over the next few years.

We wish the Flyers that the highlights were accomplished in the NHL and not in the KHL, that said.


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