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BPM Sports: Max Lalonde completes fall line-up
Credit: Max Lalonde is a radio guy who did well this summer, filling in in a few different time slots.
A number of radio stations have already started their fall season in Quebec. BLVD 102.1 FM is already on air with its regular programming in the National Capital, while other stations like CHOI Radio X will be back with their regulars.

The two stations named above will return with a schedule almost identical to last year’s.

In Montreal, the start of the radio season will once again coincide with the start of the school year, between August 21 and 28. We go on vacation first and start after the others, year after year, in 514/438…

Most stations announced their schedules last June, before the start of summer. We’ve known since June 17 that Dave Morissette will be the morning man on Rythme 105.7 FM, alongside Julie Houle.

Note that the Moose is once again scheduled to appear on TVA Sports on Saturday nights, during Canadiens games.

(Credit: Cogeco)
What about our Montreal sports radio (and Quebec sports radio, since the launch of the BPM Sports network)?

It looks like the official schedule will be announced in the next few days…

But here it is, exclusively, for station fans :

6:00 am to 9:00 am: Paul Houde and Gilbert Delorme
9:00 am to noon: Max Lalonde
Noon to 3:00 pm: Laraque – Gonzalez
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm: Martin Lemay
6:00 pm to 6:30 pm: specialized program (in field hockey pools?)
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm: Jordan Boivin or live sports broadcast (Rocket, CF MTL and other events)

There will no longer be a bridge show between lunch and home.

And there will be no more Saturday morning network shows. In short, Paul Houde will not be replaced over the weekend.

And according to some sources, only Max Lalonde’s show will not be broadcast in Gatineau and Quebec City.

Max Lalonde is a radio guy who did well this summer, filling in in a few different time slots.

(Credit: Cogeco)
Jean-Charles Lajoie will not be returning to the airwaves, as his contract has, according to reliable sources, been bought out by the station (and his departure is said to be an official mutual decision). In real life, the reality is usually halfway between the two versions – mutual departure and dismissal in this case.

Maxime Truman will no longer be working alongside Georges Laraque following Gonzo’s return. Truman had been hired to replace Stéphane Gonzalez following his departure to Poche Bleue (lunchtime). The project only lasted one season, however, and Gonzo decided to return to his old loves.

The new BPM Sports line-up goes on air on the morning of August 28. Looking forward to it?


The media world – particularly that of traditional radio – is going through a difficult period at the moment. BPM Sports has taken refuge in a slightly older strategy, but one that could pay dividends in the short term.

For the long term, however, we’ll need to rejuvenate at some point…

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