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Sean Avery accused of child abuse by ex-wife
Sean Avery was married for a few years, from 2015 to 2022. And in light of the information available on the subject, we realize that there are big reasons behind the divorce.

The ex-wife of the former field hockey player, a man who believes himself capable of playing for the Maple Leafs in 2023 (it’s obviously not going to happen), is afraid of Sean Avery and what he might do to her, but also to her child.

That’s why the man who plays in Oppenheimer, a movie that’s very popular these days, had a restraining order filed against him last year. He can’t go near his ex-wife and child, now aged three.

And that’s why the order was recently extended until September, the date of the next hearing. This is according to the Fanadiens website and reported by the New York Daily News.

The restraining order was requested because Hilary Rhoda, the former field hockey player’s ex-wife, claims that her ex-husband entered her home without her permission.

He allegedly lay in her bed twice, refusing to leave despite her repeated requests. He was also seen “several times a day” walking in front of her house, making her uncomfortable.

The woman who claims to be threatened by his physically abusive behavior and actions accuses Avery above all of having been physically and emotionally violent with their child.

She claims that Nash, their little boy, is afraid of his father.

According to Rhoda, the child’s father often shouted at him, was violent when it came time to put him down somewhere (like on his changing table) and didn’t tie him up properly in the car.

A little digging reveals that the former player’s stepmother had also filed a restraining order against him in 2017. He has also threatened his neighbors in the past.

Clearly, right now, Avery needs help and if all the accusations against him are true, he needs to take a huge step back, leave his family alone and get better.

Let’s see what will be decided.

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