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Jonathan Marchessault: Bruce Cassidy “is not the coach he liked best”.

In recent years, Jonathan Marchessault has been an important part of the Golden Knights’ success. The Quebecer produces more often than not at a rate of just under a point per game, and in the last series, he was crucial in the conquest of the Stanley Cup.

So crucial, in fact, that he won the Conn-Smythe Trophy with 13 goals and 25 points in 22 games. Nothing less.

And clearly, the work of new coach Bruce Cassidy helped his club, as he finally led the Knights to a finals victory in his first year in town.

But even so, things weren’t always perfect between Marchessault and the club’s coach. In fact, the forward admits that Cassidy “wasn’t the coach he liked the most” during his career, as he reported to TVA Sports.

Marchessault admits that he and his coach have squabbled a few times, especially during the recent playoffs. That said, the two men have been able to work together through it all, and for that reason, the forward says he respects him and always will.

It’s nice to see that despite the fact that they don’t always see eye to eye, the two guys are able to not let those differences get in the way of their winning goals.

The Quebecer also noted that he hopes to have the chance to stay in Vegas for the long term. Remember, he’ll be a free agent in a year’s time, and while talks between the two sides haven’t yet begun, Marchessault is trying not to worry too much about that.

He’s not ruling out a change of scenery, but he’s happy with his current situation.

We’ll see what the future holds for Marchessault, but he seems to like it in Vegas, even though he’s under a coach who isn’t necessarily his favorite. The important thing, though, is to be able to work with him, and obviously that doesn’t seem to be a huge problem considering his exceptional 2022-23 season.

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