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BPM Sports: Gilbert Delorme to host morning show alongside Paul Houde

Gilbert Delorme, what a nice person! It’s hard to find anyone nicer than him. When good things happen to good people, it makes me really happy, and that’s exactly what’s happening today with the latest news from BPM Sports.

According to the editorial team at Hollywood PQ, Gilbert Delorme will be moving to the morning slot this fall, where he will join Paul Houde. Houde, it should be remembered, will be celebrating his astonishing 49th consecutive radio season, replacing Jean-Charles Lajoie. BPM Sports will have a new first storyteller.

Delorme is thus moving from the mid-morning slot, from 9am to 11am, where he delivered a quality product alongside Benoit Roger, to start his days earlier by being on air from 6am to 9am instead. For the moment, we don’t know if Benoit Roger will remain on the air, and if so, where in the schedule he will be. At the very least, he’ll be on air, but will he have a microphone?

This is the second time that a duo involving the former Canadiens’ color-bearer has broken up at BPM Sports/91.9 Sports.

Although their on-air chemistry was much appreciated, it’s over for the Delorme-Roger duo, as it was a year ago when LP Guy was dropped from the station’s morning show. He then decided to seize a great opportunity at night on 98.5 FM, trying to fill the huge shoes left vacant by the legendary Jacques Fabi.

From what we’re hearing through the grapevine, it would appear that the sports station is keen to bring in some new blood in the late morning, hence the fact that we’re not too sure what’s in store for the excellent Ben Roger.

We wish him nothing but the best.

Here are the things we know right now about BPM Sports’ fall schedule:

– Paul Houde and Gilbert Delorme will take charge of the morning show from 6 to 9 a.m. ;

– Georges Laraque returns to his noon slot and his former partner Stéphane Gonzalez, who is leaving La Poche Bleue le Midi after just one season (sorry again, my Max 😥). I guess the daily/lunch version of La Poche Bleue wasn’t a big hit on TVA Sports;

– Martin Lemay should once again host the homecoming. With the station’s top ratings, this was to be expected;

– Jordan Boivin will keep the reins of the late-night show.

It’s clear, then, that there are still holes in the schedule. Who will be the new blood between the Houde-Delorme and Laraque-Gonzalez duos? The same goes for the post-return home? In other words, who will make the transitions between the big shows?

That’s a lot of questions, and a lot of changes! And all this is partly due to the departure of Jean-Charles Lajoie. A dismissal, according to Michel Villeneuve, and a mutual decision, according to the station and Lajoie. It’s up to you to make up your own mind.

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