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Dominique Ducharme: Carey Price made him realize he was respected
Dominique Ducharme was recently hired by the Vegas Golden Knights, where he will act as assistant coach to Bruce Cassidy.

It’s a great new challenge for the man who led the Montreal Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Final in the summer of 2021.

But it’s a little ironic to think that Ducharme got the job in Vegas by being the last head coach to eliminate the Golden Knights in the playoffs.

The latter missed the spring tournament in the 2021-2022 season and have lifted the Stanley Cup in recent months, indicating that they haven’t lost a series since facing the CH in the conference final two years ago.

This, by the way, played a role in the decision to hire him in Vegas.

Ducharme told the “Tellement Hockey” podcast that, in an interview, Golden Knights executives asked him what he had to do to eliminate the club in the 2021 series:

That was part of the discussion. There’s no doubt that it had a positive effect on the fact that they hired me (with them). – Dominique Ducharme

So much the better, sincerely.

I always thought Ducharme was a good coach and in Montreal, maybe he just wasn’t in the right chair. An assistant role might suit him better, as colleague Félix Forget explained in a recent text.

But it’s also worth remembering that it’s never easy for a new head coach to get a foothold in the NHL, because the league is completely different from junior.

You have to earn the respect of the players in the room, and that can be a difficult task if there are big egos in the room.

Ducharme explains that he had to adjust a little at first, but he quickly realized that the guys were going to be behind him.

In fact, when he introduced himself to the team for the very first time, Carey Price winked at him and gave him a pat on the back after his speech… And that really helped the Quebecer see that the club’s veterans were behind him.

When Carey Price gives you his vote of confidence, things get off to a good start. Ducharme admits he was happy to see the support of Price, who at the time was one of the big leaders in the CH dressing room.

His time in Montreal as head coach may not have gone as well as he’d hoped. But it’s by falling that you’re able to get up again in life, and it’s important not to live in the past.

Dominique Ducharme has some great challenges ahead of him. And frankly, you’ve got to be happy for the guy.


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– I see Matt Duchene having a lot of success in Dallas next season.

– The Blue Jackets have high expectations.

– Is this really a surprise?

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