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Swiss National League: David Reinbacher named “Youth of the Year
Even though he was only 18, David Reinbacher played the entire 2022-2023 season professionally.

He played for EHC Kloten (in Switzerland), and despite facing men much older than him, the CH prospect stood out with 22 points in 46 games.

That’s a particularly impressive output for a defenseman of his age…

And he’s done so well that he’s been named one of the Swiss National League’s 2023 Youth of the Year “.

HC Biel defender Noah Delémont and HC Davos forward Simon Knak are also among the players nominated :

It’s a fine mark for the man who was selected fifth overall in the last draft.

It just puts an exclamation mark on his fine season, and it’s well deserved, frankly.

We also know that Reinbacher could continue his development in the same league next season.

If he doesn’t make the NHL, the Habs will technically have to send him back to Europe, since there’san agreement between EHC Kloten and the Habs that Reinbacher can’t play in the AHL or junior hockey in 2023-2024

And if the defenseman does indeed return to Switzerland, with the fine first season he’s had in the pros, I’m thinking he’ll be interesting to watch.

Because, basically, Reinbacher already knows the basics of the league and will have greater responsibilities if he plays in Europe next year, which should prove important in his development and progression.

Until then, however… The youngster can boast of having been one of the best young players to play in Switzerland in 2022-2023. And that’s a credit to him.

In bursts

– He’ll have to live up to expectations.

– I see him scoring at least 50 goals.

– Good.

– Oh what a stir Toronto is in.

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