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Ivan Fedotov: IIHF to decide whether to play in Philadelphia or the KHL
At the moment, Ivan Fedotov is preparing to play in the KHL. He signed a contract with CSKA Moscow after not playing at all in 2022-2023.

It will be recalled that the Russian goalkeeper had provided false documents in order to avoid military service in his country. He was caught and detained for a year in Siberia.

But now he can play field hockey again. He recently signed a contract with Moscow. He will be reporting to his Russian club’s training camp shortly.

It was with CSKA that he played in 2021-2022.

But the problem is this: as there is no clear agreement between the NHL and the KHL on contracts, both the Flyers and CSKA believe that their contract with Fedotov is valid.

Why is this the case?

What we need to understand is that the goalie signed with CSKA a few weeks ago, thinking that his agreement with the Flyers had expired.

Note that the KHL has accepted the contract.

But what the Flyers are saying is that the goaltender, who signed a one-year contract in 2022, is still under contract, since his one-year stay in custody pushed back his one-season contract by 12 months.

So everyone thinks they have a contract with the goalkeeper.

That’s why the Flyers have turned to the IIHF to determine which contract is valid: the Flyers or CSKA. The matter is currently under investigation by the federation.

As for the goalie, he’ll abide by the IIHF’s findings. He just wants to play,” he says.

I’m going to show up wherever they think I should play. – Ivan Fedotov

If the first contract (Philly’s) is deemed valid, the agreement signed by Chuck Fletcher a year ago will take precedence and the 26-year-old goaltender will play in Pennsylvania. But if not? He’ll stay in Russia.

Having such a goalie would help the Flyers. It’s understandable that they’re pushing for a goalie who deserves to play in the NHL. Plus, it would prevent another Russian team from trying again in a few years.

In brief

– Attention field hockey fans.

– Will he move?

– Nice little contract.

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