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Cutter Gauthier explains his refusal to attend Flyers development camp

A few weeks ago, Cutter Gauthier was the talk of the town. How? By refusing to show his face at the Philadelphia Flyers’ development camp in early July.

He didn’t look too good, let’s say.

What you need to know is that the fifth pick in the 2022 draft was invited, but the big prospect (he and Matvei Michkov represent the future of the club) decided to say no to his GM.

Recently, Gauthier explained himself on the subject.

It was a bit too much field hockey after the World Championship.

It was too much for me. I wanted time with the family. I decided it was better for me to stay home. – Cutter Gauthier

He confirmed that in talking with GM Daniel Brière, he realized that his GM wasn’t the happiest of men, but Gauthier felt it was the right thing to do. So he stayed home.

It’s worth noting that Brière didn’t say anything about this publicly. He obviously kept it to himself.

Between the games he represented the U.S. and in the NCAA, he played 49 times last year.

I understand that it’s hard to play a whole season like that (it ended late, too) when you’re less used to playing that many games(even though he played more the year before…), but this is ironic, in my opinion :

I feel I’m ready to play in the NHL right now, but I’ve decided to take one more season in the NCAA. – Cutter Gauthier

He wants to finish next season in Philadelphia after his college season ends.

I’m sorry, my dear Cutter, but if you can’t go to a five-day camp against other prospects (who aren’t as good as you, let’s face it) because you’ve played 49 games this year, you’re not ready for the NHL.

The NHL is 82 games… and while I know he’s talking about the caliber of play and not the rigors of the schedule, that’s part of the game too.

I don’t want to sound like the guy who’s just crying, because I understand that a guy can be tired. But what I don’t like is that he made the decision for the Flyers at the beginning of the month.

If he’d asked for – and received – permission to stay home, it would have gone better. We may or may not have criticized the decision, but at least it would have been management’s decision, and not that of a prospect who hasn’t been to the NHL yet.

I think it sets a bad precedent, because if Gauthier decided to say no, who knows how many prospects will do the same next year?

If I had decided not to work this morning because I was tired, the least I could have done would have been to be accountable and ask first, not impose. And I’m not even talking about finding someone to cover for me.

Gauthier acted in a way I don’t understand, and his explanations change nothing. It’s going to be a beautiful day between him and Michkov in the city of brotherly love. #Attitude

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